Top 20 Songs in May 2015
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Rank Artist Album Title
1 Randy Stonehill Love Beyond Reason Angry Young Men
2 The Choir Love Songs And Prayers [A Retrospective] To Bid Farewell
3 Phil Keaggy How The West Was One - Volume One Rejoice
4 Geoff Moore and the Distance Foundations I Found Love
5 Mylon & Broken Heart Greatest Hits Free Man
6 Idle Cure Idle Cure From the Heart
7 Matthew Ward Point Of View Point Of View
8 Crumbacher Thunder Beach Way With Words
9 The Awakening Into Thy Hands Where Is Love?
10 Wilson McKinley Now I'm a Jesus Freak! Then I Fell in Love
11 Xalt Helium Blue Gazebo Choose
12 Daniel Band Running Out Of Time Running Out Of Time
13 Harvest Flight One Way Truth
14 Servant Shallow Water Shallow Water
15 Shout Shout Back Just a Little Bit More
16 Barnabas Little Foxes Little Foxes
17 Barren Cross Atomic Arena King Of Kings
18 JAG Fire In The Temple I Keep Coming Back
19 Mark Heard Reflections Of A Former Life Stuck In The Middle
20 Red Sea Blood Blood