Top 20 Songs from March 2014
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Rank Artist Album Title
1 Resurrection Band DMZ Area 312
2 Phil Keaggy How The West Was One - Volume One What A Day
3 The Mighty Jeremiahs The Mighty Jeremiahs John The Revelator
4 Ken Tamplin An Axe To Grind/Soul Survivor Take It Now (Or Nothing)
5 Larry Norman Live At Flevo with Q-Stone Why Should The Devil
6 X-Sinner World Covered in Blood That Ain't Me
7 Barnabas Approaching Light Speed Stormclouds
8 Whitecross Unveiled Come Unto The Light
9 Petra No Doubt No Doubt
10 X-Sinner Peace Treaty Gotta Let Go
11 Greg Chaisson It's About Time My Dark Ride
12 Resurrection Band Lament Song and Dance
13 Geoff Moore and the Distance Foundations Winds of Change
14 Saint Desperate Night Inside Out
15 DA Live Bootleg '82 Through The Speakers
16 Daniel Band On Rock You Don't Need the Blues
17 Larry Norman Live At Flevo with Q-Stone Medley (Everybody Work/Twist and Shout/Shout)
18 Resurrection Band Ampendectomy Irish Garden
19 Rez Bootleg Gameroom
20 The Mighty Jeremiahs The Mighty Jeremiahs Ain't No Room In This House For Hell
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