Top 20 Songs from September 2014
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Rank Artist Album Title
1 Earthen Vessel Everlasting Life I've Been Walking
2 Larry Norman Something New Under The Son Watch What You're Doing (Long Version Edit)
3 Solid Rock Real 2 Reel Where Are The Banners
4 Audio Adrenaline Until My Heart Caves In Undefeated
5 Angelica Angelica S.O.S.
6 The GX Project Sinner You Can't
7 Ashley Cleveland Big Town Angel
8 Petra Beat the System Beat the System
9 Resurrection Band Colours The Struggle
10 Sweet Comfort Band Hearts Of Fire! Just Like Me
11 DeGarmo & Key Straight On Let Him Help YouToday
12 Bride Snakes in the Playground Saltriver Shuffle
13 Liberation Suite Stride For Stride Somehow I'm Changing
14 441 Mourning Into Dancing Mourning Into Dancing
15 Leslie Phillips Black and White in a Grey World The More I Know You
16 Red Sea Blood Shades Of Purple
17 X-Sinner Loud & Proud Last Call (instruments only)
18 Bloodgood Rock in a Hard Place Heaven on Earth
19 Halo Heaven Calling Heaven Calling
20 Dana Key The Journey The Outlaw
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