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Artist Album Release Date Record Label
20/20 Blind Never Far 1994 Intersound Inc.
4-4-1 4-4-1 1985 Royal Commandment
Mourning Into Dancing 1986 Blue Collar
Sacrifice 1988 Broken Records
Broken Reunion 2009 441/Leisure Boys Music
Adam Again In a New World of Time 1986 Adam Again
Homeboys 1990 Broken Records
Dig 1992 Brainstorm Artists
Perfecta 1995 Brainstorm Artists
After The Fire (ATF) Signs Of Change 2011 Angel Air Records (original release 1978 Rapid Records)
Laser Love 1979 CBS Records
80-f 1980 Epic
Batteries Not Included 1982 Epic
Der Kommissar 2001 Collectables Records (original release 1982 on CBS Records)
Agape Gospel Hard Rock 1994 AGAPE Communications (original release 1971 Mark Records)
Victims Of Tradition 1994 AGAPE Communications (original release 1972 Renrut Records)
Age Of Faith Heart Of The Young 1992 Benson Music Group
The Alarm The Alarm 1983 I.R.S. Inc.
Declaration 1984 I.R.S. Inc.
Strength 1985 I.R.S. Inc.
All Saved Freak Band Harps On Willows 2006 All Saved Freak Band
All-Star United Smash Hits 2000 Essential Records
Jeff Allen Lock The Door 2004 Jeff Allen
Allies Allies 1985 Light Records
Virtues 1986 Lexicon Music
Long Way From Paradise 1989 Dayspring
The River 1990 Dayspring
Man With A Mission 1992 Dayspring
The Light Years 1995 Light Records
The Altar Billies Altar Billies 2010 Calvary Church
Head'n Out West 2014 The Altar Billies
Long, Long Road 2016 The Altar Billies
Altar Boys Altar Boys 1984 Ministry Resource Center
When You're A Rebel 1985 Broken Records
Gut Level Music 2015 Girder Records (original release 1986 on Frontline Records)
Against The Grain 1987 Frontline Records
Forever Mercy 1989 Alarma Records
Mercy Thoughts 2000 Millenium Eight Records
No Substitute 2018 Lo-Fidelity Records
The Altered Yours Truly 1997 Curb Records
The Alwyn Wall Band The Prize 1977 Myrrh
Amaziah Straight Talker 2011 Born Twice Records (original release 1979 on Sonrise Records, later reissued by Tunesmith)
Angelica Angelica 1989 Intense Records
Walkin' In Faith 1990 Intense Records
Rock, Stock & Barrel 1991 Intense Records
Time Is All It Takes 1992 Intense Records
Anthem The Remix-Cuttin' Thru' II 1999 Independent release (original release 1982 on Tunesmith)
ApologetiX Grace Period 2002 Parodudes
Adam Up 2003 Parodudes
New and Used Hits 2004 Parodudes
Hits:  The Road 2005 Parodudes
Wordplay 2006 Parodudes
Chosen Ones 2007 Parodudes
Soundproof 2010 Parodudes
Singles Group 2014 Parodudes
Easter Standard Time 2015 Parodudes
Ark Voyages 1978 Charles Moses & Eddie Herold
Ark Ark . . . The Angels Come 1979 Spirit Records
ArkAngel Warrior 1980 Joyeuse Garde Recordings
Armada Hope Of Glory - Anthology 1998 Armada
Armageddon The Money Mask 1989 Talkingtown Records
Arsenal Armored Choir 1990 Regency Records
Asight Unseen Circus of Shame 1991 New Breed
Audio Adrenaline Audio Adrenaline 1992 ForeFront Records
Don't Censor Me 1993 ForeFront Records
Live Bootleg  1995 ForeFront Records
Bloom 1996 ForeFront Records
Some Kind Of Zombie 1997 ForeFront Records
Underdog 1999 ForeFront Records
Lift 2001 ForeFront Records
Worldwide 2003 ForeFront Records
Until My Heart Caves In 2005 ForeFront Records
The Awakening Sanctified 1987 Reunion Records
Into Thy Hands 1988 Reunion Records
Geri Baird Cool Age 1980 New Born Records
Trace Balin Champions 1988 Dayspring Records
Here and Now 1989 Dayspring Records
Out Of The Blue 1991 Word Inc./Dayspring
Glory Road 2009 Trace Balin (original release 1994 on Spark)
Barnabas Hear The Light 2017 Retroactive Records (original release 1980 on Tunesmith Records)
Find Your Heart A Home 2017 Retroactive Records (original release 1981 on Tunesmith Records)
Approaching Light Speed 2017 Retroactive Records (original release 1983 on Light Records)
Feel The Fire 2017 Retroactive Records (original release 1984 on Light Records)
Little Foxes 2017 Retroactive Records (original release 1986 on Light Records)
Artifacts and Relics 2000 Millenium Eight Records
Barratt Band Playing In The City 1981 Chapel Lane Productions
Barren Cross Rock For The King 2014 Barren Cross Music (original release 1986 on Star Song Records)
Atomic Arena 1988 Enigma Records
State Of Control 1989 Enigma Records
Hotter Than Hell! Live 1990 Medusa Records
Rattle Your Cage 1994 Rugged Records
Birth Pangs - The BC 30 Year Anniversary 2013 Barren Cross Music
Rock For The King - Re-release 2014 Barren Cross Music
Bash-N-The Code Bash-N-The Code 1986 Myrrh
Battalion Runaway 2012 Arkeyn Steel Records (original release 1994)
Battlecry Red White And Blue 1985 Greenworld/Rock Records
Margaret Becker Never For Nothing 1987 Sparrow Records
The Reckoning 1988 Sparrow Records
Immigrant's Daughter 1989 Sparrow Records
Simple House 1991 Sparrow Records
Believer Sanity Obscure 1990 R.E.X. Records
The Benjamin Gate Untitled 2001 ForeFront Records
Bob Bennett Matters Of The Heart 1982 Priority Records
Non-Fiction 1985 Star Song Records
Bethlehem Bethlehem 1978 Maranatha! Music
Black Eyed Sceva Way Before The Flood 1995 5 Minute Walk
5 Years, 50,000 Miles Davis 1996 5 Minute Walk
Bleach Static 1998 ForeFront Records
Bleach 1999 ForeFront Records
Again, for the first time 2002 Tooth & Nail Records
Astronomy (The Legacy of a Hero) 2003 Tooth & Nail Records
Farewell Old Friends 2005 Tooth & Nail Records
Blindside Silence 2005 Elektra Entertainment Group
Bloodgood Bloodgood 1986 Frontline Records
Detonation 1987 Frontline Records
Rock In A Hard Place 1988 Frontline Records
Out Of The Darkness 1989 Intense Records
Shakin' The World:  Bloodgood Live Volume II 1990 Intense Records
All Stand Together 1991 Broken Records
To Germany, With Love! 2000 Magdalene Records
Dangerously Close 2013 B. Goode Records
The Brave Battle Cries 2004 Advantage Records (original release 1992 on Pakaderm Records)
Trust 1994 Pakaderm Records
Bride Live To Die 2006 M8 Distribution (original release 1988 on Pure Metal)
Silence Is Madness 1989 Pure Metal Records
Kinetic Faith 1991 Pure Metal Records
Snakes In The Playground 1992 Star Song
Scarecrow Messiah 1994 Star Song
Across The Border 1994 Stephans-Buchhandlung
drop 1995 Rugged Records
This Is It 2003 Father Of The Bride
Tsar Bomba 2009 Retroactive Records
The Call Reconciled 1986 Elektra Records
Steve Camp Fire and Ice 1983 Sparrow Records
It's A Dying World 1984 Myrrh
Shake Me To Wake Me 1985 Sparrow Records
The Definitive Collection  2007 Curb Records
Rex Carroll Sessions 1995 Star Song
The Rex Carroll Band That was then, This is now 2010 Retroactive Records
Rex Carroll & The Bleed Take Back A Life 2011 Retroactive Records (originally released 1996 as Ouch! By The Bleed on Rugged Records
Rob Cassels/The Rob Cassels Band/Rob Castles Evening Pastoral 1979 Sword Records
Kamikaze Christian 1983 Morada Records
Off The Wall 1984 Morada Records
Straight Shot 1988 Dark Records
Voyagers 2009 Dual Edge Records
Thunder Fire 2012 Rob Cassels
Chagall Guevara Chagall Guevara 1991 MCA Records
Greg Chaisson It's About Time 1994 Intense Records
Eric Champion Transformation 1996 Essential Records
Channelsurfers Tunnel Vision 1997 Organic Records
Where I Wanna Be 1999 Organic Records
Steven Curtis Chapman Speechless 1999 Sparrow Records
Youth Choir/The Choir Voices In Shadows 1985 Broken Records
Shades of Gray 1986 Shadow Records
Diamonds and Rain 1986 Myrrh LA
Chase The Kangaroo 1988 Myrrh Records
Wide-Eyed Wonder 1989 Myrrh Records
Circle Slide 25th Anniversary Edition 2015 Galaxy 21 Music (original release 1990 on Myrrh Records)
Kissers and Killers 1993 Glasshouse
Speckled Bird 1994 R.E.X. Music
Love Songs And Prayers (A Retrospective) 1995 Myrrh Records
Free Flying Soul 1996 Tattoo Records
Live at Cornerstone 2000 2000 Millenium Eight Records
The Loudest Sound Ever Heard 2012 Galaxy21 Music
Shadow Weaver 2014 Galaxy21 Music
Bloodshot 2018 Galaxy 21 Music 
Chryztyne Tales Of Paradise 1993 Pila Music
Paul Clark & Friends Come Into His Presence - Songs From The Savior Volume Three 1974 Sonrise Mercantile Company
Good To Be Home 1975 Seed Records
Terry Clark Welcome  1978 Good News Records
Clash Of Symbols Begging At The Temple Gate Called Beautiful 1995 Brainstorm Artists International
Ashley Cleveland Big Town 1991 Atlantic Records
Bus Named Desire 1993 Reunion Records
Lesson of Love 1995 Reunion Records
You Are There 1998 Cadence Records
Secondskin 2002 204Records
Men And Angels Say 2005 Rambler Records
God Don't Never Change 2009 Koch Records
Beauty In The Curve 2012 204Records
One More Song 2017 204Records
Bruce Cockburn Dancing In The Dragon's Jaws 1979 True North Records
Code Of Ethics Code Of Ethics 1993 ForeFront Records
Arms Around The World 1995 ForeFront Records
Common Bond Heaven Is Calling 1986 Frontline Records
Anger Into Passion 1987 Frontline Records
Concrete Rubber Band Risen Savior 2007 Green Tree Records (original release 1969 on American Artist)
Alice Cooper The Last Temptation 1994 Epic Records
Brutal Planet 2000 Spitfire Records
Dragontown 2001 Spitfire Records
John Cox Sunny Day 1996 Questar/Mission Records
Eighty Years 2000 Grace Alone Records
The Crimson Bridge The Crimson Bridge 1972 Myrrh
Crumbacher Incandescent 1985 Broken Records
Escape From The Fallen Planet!  25th Anniversary Edition! 2010 KMG Records (original release 1986 on Frontline Records)
Thunder Beach 1987 Frontline Records
Tame The Volcano 1988 Frontline Records
Cindy Cruse The Edge 1989 Nissi Records
Small Town Girl 1991 Frontline Records
Morgan Cryar Keep No Secrets 1984 Star Song Records
Fuel On The Fire 1986 Star Song Records
Lover Over Gold 1995 UCA Records
Crystavox Crystavox 2004 Advantage Records (original release 1990 on Regency Records)
The Bottom Line 1992 Ocean Records
The 20 Year Mix 2010 Roxx Records
Rick Cua koo-ah 1982 Refuge Records
No Mystery 1983 Refuge Records
You're My Road 1985 Sparrow Records
Wear Your Colors 1986 Sparrow Records
Midnight Sun 1989 Reunion Records
Within Reach 1991 Reunion Records
Times Ten 1995 UCA Records
Dakoda Motor Co. Into The Son 1993 Myrrh Records
Welcome Race Fans 1994 Myrrh Records
Railroad 1996 Holiday
Daniel Amos Daniel Amos 1976 Maranatha! Music
Shotgun Angel 1977 Maranatha! Music
Horrendous Disc (HD Deluxe) 2017 Daniel Amos (original release 1981 on Solid Rock)
Alarma (Deluxe Edition) 2013 Born Twice Records (original release 1981 on NewPax Records)
Doppelganger 1982 Alarma Records
Vox Humana 1984 Refuge Records
Darn Floor - Big Bite 20th Anniversary Edition 2008 The Arena Rock Recording Co. (original release 1987 on Frontline Records)
Live Bootleg '82 1990 Stunt Records
Kalhoun 1991 Brainstorm Artists
Motor Cycle 1993 Brainstorm Artists
Bibleland 1994 Brainstorm Artists
Preachers From Outer Space 1994 Stunt Records
Mr. Buechner's Dream 2001 Galaxy21 Music
Dig Here Said the Angel 2013 Stunt Records
Daniel Band On Rock 2001 Magdalene Records (original release 1982 on Streetlight)
Straight Ahead 2006 Retroactive Records (original release 1983 on Streetlight)
Run From The Darkness 2006 Retroactive Records (original release 1984 on Streetlight)
Rise Up (25th Anniversary Edition) 2012 Retroactive Records (original release 1986 on Refuge Records)
Running Out Of Time 2004 Retroactive Records (original release 1987 on Refuge Records)
Best Of Daniel Band 1993 Refuge Records
Dave & Brian Rockenspiel 2012 Dave & Brian
David and The Giants Song Of Songs 1977 Song Of Songs
This One's For You 1978 Song Of Songs
Step In My Shoes 1979 Song Of Songs
Almost Midnight 1980 Song Of Songs
David and The Giants 1982 Priority Records
Riders In The Sky 1983 Priority Records
Inhabitants of the Rock 1984 Myrrh Records
Under Control 1985 Myrrh Records
Magnificat 1987 Myrrh Records
Distant Journey 1990 Giant Records
Long Time Coming 1992 Giant Records
Angels Unaware 1995 Giant Records
Dream 1996 Giant Records
Still Rockin' 2014 Giant Records
David's Secret Volume 1 - Too Good For Words 1991 Image Records
dc Talk Free At Last 1992 ForeFront Records
Jesus Freak 1995 ForeFront Records
Supernatural 1998 ForeFront Records
Eddie DeGarmo Feels Good To Be Forgiven 1988 ForeFront Records
Phase II (Afterlife Guarantee) 1990 ForeFront Records
DeGarmo & Key This Time Thru 1978 Lamb & Lion Records
Straight On 1979 Lamb & Lion Records
This Ain't Hollywood 1980 Lamb & Lion Records
No Turning Back - Live 1982 Lamb & Lion Records
Commander Sozo And The Charge Of The Light Brigade 1985 Power Discs
Street Light 1992 ForeFront Records (original release 1986 on Power Discs)
Communication 1984 Power Discs
D&K 1987 Power Discs
Rock Solid:  Absolutely Live 1988 Power Discs
The Pledge 1989 Benson Music Group (original release on Power Discs)
Go To The Top 1991 ForeFront Records
Heat It Up 1993 ForeFront Records
To Extremes 1994 Benson Music Group
History Makers 2003 Sparrow Records
Delirious? King Of Fools 1998 Furious? Records
Mezzamorphis 1999 Furious? Records
Access:D Live Worship In the Key Of D: 2002 Furious? Records
Touch 2002 Furious? Records
World Service 2003 Furious? Records
The Mission Bell 2005 Furious? Records
Deliverance Deliverance 1989 Intense Records
A Decade Of . . . 1995 Intense Records
Deluxtone Rockets The Deluxtone Rockets 1999 Tooth & Nail Records
Green Room Blues 2001 Tooth & Nail Records
Desert Voice Holy Fire 1994 Grammo Records
Die Happy Die Happy 1992 Intense Records
Volume II 1993 Intense Records
Intense Live Series Vol.4 1993 Intense Records
Dime Store Prophets Love Is Against The Grain 1995 5 Minute Walk Records
Fantastic Distraction 1997 SaraBellum Records
Dion Inside Job 1980 DaySpring
Only Jesus 1981 DaySpring
I Put Away My Idols 1983 DaySpring
Kingdom In The Streets 1985 Myrrh
Velvet and Steel 1986 DaySpring
Dreamer Full Metal Racket 1991 Image Records
Bryan Duncan Have Yourself Committed 1985 Light Records
Holy Rollin 1986 Light Records
Bob Dylan Slow Train Coming 1979 Columbia Records
Saved 1980 Columbia Records
Shot Of Love 1981 Columbia Records
Dylan & The Dead 1989 Columbia Records
Trouble No More:  The Bootleg Series Vol. 13 / 1979-1981 2017 Columbia Records
Earthen Vessel Hard Rock:  Everlasting Life 1999 Gear Fab Records (original release 1971)
East West East West 1998 Driven Entertainment/Backbone Records
The Light In Guinever's Garden 2001 Floodgate Records
Hope In Anguish 2003 Floodgate Records
Eastgate Eric Turner The Secret Place of THUNDER 1998 Strawbed Records
Golgotha 2005 Atonement Records
Edin-Adahl Big Talk 1989 Refuge Records
The Electrics The Electrics 1997 SaraBellum Records
Livin' It Up When I Die 1998 SaraBellum Records
John Elefante Windows Of Heaven 1995 Word Entertainment
On My Way To The Sun 2013 Kingheir Music
Rick Elias Rick Elias & The Confessions 1998 KMG Records (original release 1990 on Alarma Records)
Ten Stories 1998 KMG Records (original release 1991 on Alarma Records)
The Elms The Big Surprise 2001 Sparrow Records
Truth, Soul, Rock & Roll 2002 Sparrow Records
The Chess Hotel 2005 Universal South Records
Joe English/The English Band Held Accountable 1982 Refuge Records
Press On 1983 Myrrh Records
Live 1984 Myrrh Records
What You Need 1985 Myrrh Records
Everybodyduck Still Know How To Groove 1998 Diadem Records
The Exkursions Legends Remastered, Volume Three 2011 Retroactive Records (original custom release in 1971)
Mark Farner Just Another Injustice 1988 Frontline Records
Wake Up 1989 Frontline Records
Some Kind of Wonderful 1991 Frontline Records
Farrell & Farrell Let The Whole World Know - Live 1982 NewPax Records
Jump To Conclusions 1985 Star Song
Fear Not Fear Not 2017 Roxx Productions (original release 1993 on Pakaderm Records)
Fighter The Waiting 1991 Wonderland
Bang The Drum 1992 Wonderland
First Strike Rock Of Offense 1984 Exit Records
John Fischer Dark Horse 1982 Myrrh
Five Iron Frenzy Our Newest Album Ever! 1997 5 Minute Walk/SaraBellum Records
Live - Proof That The Youth Are Revolting 1999 5 Minute Walk Records
All The Hype That Money Can Buy 2000 5 Minute Walk Records
Five Iron Frenzy2:  Electric Boogaloo 2001 5 Minute Walk Records
Cheeses Of Nazareth 2003 5 Minute Walk Records
The End Is Near 2004 5 Minute Walk Records
The End Is Hear 2004 5 Minute Walk Records
Engine of a Million Plots 2013 Five Iron Frenzy
Flock 14 Brave New World? 1987 Graceland Records
Oden Fong Come For The Children 1979 Asaph Records
Invisible Man 1986 Frontline Records
Fono GoesAroundComesAround 1999 Big Deal/KMG Records
Force 3 Warrior Of Light 1988 Pure Metal Records
Forerunner (a.k.a.) 1984 Refuge Records
Fourth Estate Finesse And Fury 1992 Hapi Skratch Records
See What I See 1995 Hapi Skratch Records
Fraction Moon Blood 2015 Mexican Summer (original release 1971 on Angelus Records)
Frantics Meet The Frantics 2000 Organic Records
Tom Franzak Walk That Talk 1983 Myrrh
Shadowboxing 1985 Myrrh Records
Rob Frazier This Town 1986 Light Records
Retrospect 1992 Urgent Records
The Front The Front 1984 Refuge Records
Richie Furay/The Richie Furay Band I've Got A Reason 1976 Asylum Records
Dance A Little Light 1978 Asylum Records
I Still Have Dreams 1979 Asylum Records
Seasons Of Change 1982 Myrrh
In My Father's House - The Deluxe Edition 2004 Friday Music (original release 1997 on Calvary Chapel)
My Fathers Place Roslyn NY 2016 Roxvox
Peter Furler Band Sun and Shield 2014 Peter Furler
Galactic Cowboys Galactic Cowboys 1991 Geffen Records
Space In Your Face 1993 Geffen Records
Gentle Faith Gentle Faith 2011 Son Records (original release 1976 Maranatha! Music)
Giant Last Of The Runaways 1989 A&M Records
Time To Burn 1991 Epic Records
Giantkiller The Alternative 1980 Kingsway Music
Valley Of Decision 1981 Star Song Records
Gideon's Army Warriors Of Love 2013 Retroactive Records (original release 1985 independent)
Chuck Girard Chuck Girard 1975 Good News Records
Glass Harp Glass Harp Live!  At Carnegie Hall 2011 Glass Harp (original release 1997 on Canis Major)
Hourglass 2003 Glass Harp
Michael Gleason Children of Choices 1990 Pakaderm Records
Glenn Kaiser Band (GKB) Winter Sun 2000 Grrr Records
Carolina Moon 2001 Grrr Records
Live 2005 Grrr Records
Octane 2008 Grrr Records
Lou Gramm Band The Lou Gramm Band 2009 Spectra Records
Grammatrain Lonely House 1995 ForeFront Records
Flying 1997 ForeFront Records
Amy Grant Amy Grant 1977 Myrrh Records
My Father's Eyes 1979 Myrrh Records
Never Alone 1980 Myrrh Records
In Concert 1981 Myrrh Records
In Concert Volume Two 1981 Myrrh Records
Age To Age 1982 Myrrh Records
Lead Me On 1988 Myrrh Records
Heart In Motion 1991 Myrrh Records
Behind The Eyes 1997 A&M Records
Keith Green For Him Who Has Ears to Hear 1977 Sparrow Records
No Compromise 1978 Sparrow Records
So You Wanna Go Back To Egypt 1980 Pretty Good Records
Songs For The Shepherd 1982 Pretty Good Records
The Greatest Hits 2008 Sparrow Records
Guardian First Watch 1989 Enigma Records
Fire and Love 1990 Pakaderm Records
Miracle Mile 1993 Word Incorporated
Swing Swang Swung 1994 Pakaderm Records, Myrrh
Buzz 1995 Myrrh Records
Bottle Rocket 1997 Myrrh Records
Sunday Best 1999 G-Man Records
Live! 2000 ForeFront Records
Voyager & Fusion 2001 Millenium Eight Records
Almost Home 2014 G-Man Records
Arlo Guthrie Outlasting The Blues 1979 Warner Brothers
GX Project Bite Stick 2012 Image Records
Sinner 2014 Image Records
Raze Some Hell 2015 GX Project
The Hallelujah Joy Band The Hallelujah Joy Band 1973 Creative Sound
Halo Halo  1990 Pakaderm Records
Heaven Calling 1991 Pakaderm Records
Harvest  Never Thirst Again 1976 Pure Joy Records
Harvest Flight One Way 1971 Destiny Records
Haven Age Of Darkness 2005 Retroactive Records (original release 1991 on R.E.X.)
Tim Hawkins Extremely Madeover 2004 Tim Hawkins
Cletus Take The Reel 2008 Tim Hawkins
Rockshow Comedy Tour 2011 Tim Hawkins
Bryn Haworth The Gap 1982 Star Song (original release 1980 on Chapel Lane)
Mark Heard Appalachian Melody 1979 Solid Rock Records
Stop The Dominoes 1981 Home Sweet Home Records
Victims Of The Age 1982 Home Sweet Home Records
Eye of the Storm 1983 Home Sweet Home Records
Ashes and Light 1984 Home Sweet Home Records
Reflections Of A Former Life 1993 Home Sweet Home Records
Kyle Henderson More Than The Look Of Love 1985 Kerygma Records
Benny Hester Benny Hester (aka Be A Receiver) 1978 Spirit Records
Nobody Knows Me Like You 1981 Myrrh Records
Garth Hewitt Love Song For The Earth 1978 Myrrh
Hoi Polloi Hoi Polloi 1992 Reunion Records
Spin Me 1993 Reunion Records
Happy Ever After 1996 Via Records
The Holidays Restless Heart 1989 Broken Records
Holy Soldier Holy Soldier 1990 Spaceport Records (original release on Myrrh)
Last Train 1992 Myrrh Records
Promise Man 1995 ForeFront Records
Encore 1997 Spaceport Records
Jimmy Hotz Beyond The Crystal Sea 2010 Born Twice Records (original release 1980 on Vision Records)
Larry Howard Sanctified Blues 1986 Refuge Records
Shout! 1988 Refuge Records
Into The Light 1989 Spark Music
Redeemed 1991 ForeFront Records
Bright Side of the Blues 1994 ForeFront Records
Tom Howard Danger In Loving You 1981 NewPax Records
David Huff Born For This 2016 Giant Records
Idle Cure Idle Cure 1998 KMG Records (original release 1986 on Frontline Records)
Tough Love 1988 Frontline Records
2nd Avenue 1998 KMG Records (original release 1990 on Frontline Records)
Inside Out 1991 Frontline Records
Breakaways 1992 Frontline Records
Eclipse 1994 Salt Music
Imagine This Imagine This 1993 Essential Records
Love 1995 Essential Records
Impellitteri Screaming Symphony 1996 Music for Nations
Victim Of The System 2007 Dream Catcher UK (original release 1993 JVC)
Eye Of The Hurricane 2007 Dream Catcher UK (original release 1998 JVC)
In-3D No Glasses Needed 1985 Refuge Records
Barrage 1987 Refuge Records
In Reach Waterline 1992 Star Song
Power & Promise 1993 Star Song
The Insyderz Motor City Ska 1997 Gumshoe Records
The Insyderz present . . . Skalleluia! 1998 Squint Entertainment
Isaac Air Frieght Classics 2003 Isaac Air Freight
Classics 2 2004 Isaac Air Freight
Classics 3 2004 Isaac Air Freight
Ishmael United If You Can't Shout Saved!  You'll Have To Face The Penalty 1979 Dove Records/Kingsway Music
Jacob's Trouble Door Into Summer 1989 Alarma Records
Knock, Breathe, Shine 1990 Alarma Records
Jacob's Trouble 1993 Frontline Records
JAG The Longest Road 1990 Wave Records
The Only World In Town 1991 Benson Music Group
Fire In The Temple 1992 Benson Music Group
Jars of Clay Jars of Clay 1995 Essential Records
Much Afraid 1997 Essential Records
If I Left The Zoo 1999 Essential Records
The Eleventh Hour 2002 Essential Records
Who We Are Instead 2003 Essential Records
Furthermore:  from the studio, from the stage 2003 Essential Records
Redemption Songs 2005 Essential Records
Good Monsters 2006 Essential Records
The Shelter 2010 Essential Records
Inland 2013 Jars Of Clay
J.C. Power Outlet Ron Salsbury And The J.C. Power Outlet 1972 Myrrh
Forgiven 1974 Myrrh Records
Jerusalem Volume 1  1978 Lamb & Lion Records
Volume 2 1980 Lamb & Lion Records
Warrior 1982 Lamb & Lion Records
Can't Stop Us Now 1983 Refuge Records
In His Majesty's Service (Live in U.S.A.) 1985 Refuge Records
Dancing On The Head Of The Serpent 1988 Refuge Records
10 Years After Volume 1 - The Early Years 1988 Refuge Records
10 Years After Volume II - The Latter Years 1988 Refuge Records
Prophet 1994 Viva Records
She 2010 Jerusalem Music Production
Jet Circus Step On It 1990 Wonderland
Johnny Q. Public Extra Ordinary 1995 Gotee Records
Jeff Johnson Shadowplay 1983 Ark Records
Mike Johnson Lord Doctor 1972 Freedom Light Records
Velvet Prince 2012 Born Twice Records (original release 1973 on Freedom Light)
The Artist/The Riddle 2012 Born Twice Records (original release 1976 on NewPax)
Jonnie W. Angry Sandwich 2013 Rockshow Comedy
Joshua (Joshua Perahia) The Hand Is Quicker Than The Eye 2008 Ma and Pa Music (original release 1982 on Enigma Records)
Surrender 1992 Ocean Records (original release 1986 on Polydor)
Intense Defense 1988 RCA
Chapter One 2008 Ma & Pa Music (originally released under the name M Pire in 1995 on Long Island Records)
Something To Say 2001 M&K Records
Resurrection 2012 Majestic R&P
Tonio K. Romeo Unchained 1986 What? Records
Notes From The Lost Civilization 1988 What? Records
Glenn Kaiser  Spontaneous Combustion 1994 Grrr Records
Ripley County Blues 2002 Grrr Records
Cardboard Box 2011 Grrr Records
Kaiser/Mansfield Trimmed & Burnin' 1990 Grrr Records
Slow Burn 1993 Grrr Records
Kansas Audio-Visions 1980 CBS Records
Vinyl Confessions 1982 Legacy/Epic Associated
Drastic Measures 1983 CBS Records
Phil Keaggy What A Day 40th Anniversary 2014 Phil Keaggy (original release 1973 on New Song)
Love Broke Thru 1976 New Song Records
emerging (Phil Keaggy Band) 1977 New Song Records
Ph'lip Side 1980 Sparrow Records
Town To Town 1981 Sparrow Records
Play Thru Me 1982 Sparrow Records
Getting Closer 1985 Nissi Records
Phil Keaggy and Sunday's Child 1988 Myrrh Records
Find Me In These Fields 1990 Myrrh Records
Crimson and Blue 1993 Myrrh Records
Revelator 1993 Myrrh Records
Time Volume 1 1995 Myrrh Records
Time Volume 2 1995 Myrrh Records
Phil Keaggy 1998 Word Entertainment
History Makers Collection 2003 Sparrow Records
The Cover Of Love 2012 Strobie Records
All At Once 2016 Phil Keaggy Music
Phil Keaggy/Randy Stonehill Mystery Highway 2009 Oddbody Music
Phil Keaggy with Glass Harp Song In The Air 1977 Star Song Records
Dave Kelly Crowning Of A Simple Man 1980 Pilgrim America
Dana Key The Journey 1990 ForeFront
Part of the Mystery 1995 ForeFront
King James The Fall (Collector's Edition) 2010 Retroactive Records (original release 1999 on Viva Records)
Maximus 2013 Madison Line Records
King's Crown King's Crown 2008 King's Crown
King's X Out Of The Silent Planet 1988 Megaforce Records
Gretchen Goes To Nebraska 1989 Atlantic Records
Faith Hope Love 1990 Megaforce Records
Tim Koller Last Days 1980 Ministry Resource Center
The Kry You 1994 Freedom Records
Unplugged 1995 Freedom Records
what about NOW 1996 Freedom Records
Hank Laake (The Hank Laake Band) In The Spirit Of The King 1982 Tunesmith
Life And Death 1983 Tunesmith
Robin Lane & The Chartbusters Robin Lane & The Chartbusters 1980 Warner Bros. Records
Danny Lee and the Children of Truth One Way 1971 RCA Records
Mylon LeFevre, Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart Mylon 1970 Cotillion Records
Holy Smoke 1971 Columbia Records
Over The Influence 1972 Columbia Records
On The Road To Freedom (with Alvin Lee) 1973 Columbia Records
Weak At The Knees 1977 Warner Bros. Records
Brand New Start 1982 MCA Records
Live Forever 1983 Myrrh Records
Sheep In Wolves Clothing 1985 Myrrh Records
Crack The Sky 1987 Myrrh Records
Greatest Hits 1988 Myrrh Records
Face The Music 1988 Star Song Records
Big World 1989 Star Song Records
Crank It Up 1990 Star Song Records
Legacy Legacy 2010 Eonian Records
Legend/Legend Seven Legend 1992 Word
Blind Faith 1993 Word
Level Heads Momento Mori 1988 Broken Records
Leviticus I Shall Conquer 2000 Magdalene Records (original release 1984 on Talking Music)
The Strongest Power 2013 Ektro Records (original release 1984 on Twilight)
Setting Fire To The Earth 1989 Pure Metal Records (original release 1987 on Royal Music)
Knights Of Heaven 1989 Invasion
Crystal Lewis Wild Blue Yonder 1995 Metro One (originally released under the name Wild Blue Yonder in 1986)
Lex Rex Beat The Heat 1990 Pan-Trax Records
Liaison Liaison 1989 Frontline Records
Urgency 1991 Frontline Records
Hard Hitter 1992 Frontline Records
Liberation Suite Liberation Suite (25th Anniversary Edition) 2000 Suite Dreams Records (original release 1975 on Myrrh UK)
Stride For Stride 2007 Suite Dreams Records (original release 1981 on Chapel Lane)
Water and Blood 2007 Suite Dreams Records (original release 1990 on Spark)
Live In Europe 2008 Suite Dreams Records (recorded 1976)
Lifehouse No Name Face 2000 DreamWorks Records
Smoke & Mirrors 2009 Geffen Records
Lifesavers/Lifesavers Underground A Kiss Of Life 1986 Frontline Records
Shaded Pain 1993 Metro One (original release 1987 on Frontline Records)
Wakin' Up The Dead 1989 Blonde Vinyl Records
Grace Shaker 1994 Alarma Records
Lifters/The Lifters Lifters 1983 Ministry Resource Center
What Love's All About 1985 Ministry Resource Center
Kerry Livgren Seeds Of Change 1980 Kirshner
Kerry Livgren AD Time Line 1984 CBS Associated Records
Prime Mover 1988 Sparrow Records
A.D. Live 1998 Kerygmatic Music
Chris Lizotte Free 1991 New Breed
Chris Lizotte & Soul Motion 1992 New Breed
London Calling The New Sensation 2003 Dyrty Byrd Records
Lone Justice Lone Justice 1985 Geffen Records
Shelter 1986 Geffen Records
This World Is Not My Home 1999 Geffen Records
This Is Lone Justice:  The Vaught Tapes, 1983 2014 Omnivore Recordings
Look Up Look Up 1986 CBS Records
Lost Dogs Scenic Routes 1992 Brainstorm Artists
Little Red Riding Hood 1993 Brainstorm Artists
The Greeen Room Serenade Part One 1996 Brainstorm Artists
Nazarene Crying Towel 2003 BEC Recordings
Love Chapter Band Livin' In The Sonshine 1978 New Born Records
City Of Refuge 1980 Tunesmith
Love Song Love Song 2010 Calvary Chapel Music (original release 1972 on Good News)
Final Touch 2010 Calvary Chapel Music (original release 1974 on Good News)
Feel The Love 2010 Calvary Chapel Music (original release 1977 on Word Records)
The Early Years 2010 Calvary Chapel Music
Lovewar Soak Your Brain 1993 Pakaderm Records
Mark Lowry Twenty Stories Tall 1999 Word
Mad at the World Mad At The World 1986 Frontline Records
Flowers In The Rain 1988 Frontline Records
Boomerang 1991 Alarma Records
Through the Forest 1992 Frontline Records
The Ferris Wheel 1993 Frontline Records
The Dreamland Café 1995 Alarma Records
Magdalen Revolution Mind 1993 Essential Record Group
Magdallan Big Bang 1992 Intense Records
End Of The Age 1999 KMG Records
Malachia Red Sunrise . . . The Complete Anthology 2018 Roxx Records (original releases - Red Sunrise 1987 on Waydco Records and Under The Blade 1986 on Wayde Records)
Malcolm & Alwyn Fool's Wisdom 1973 Myrrh
Wildwall 1974 Myrrh
Darrell Mansfield (and Darrell Mansfield Band) Higher Power 2011 Son Records (original release 1979 on Maranatha!)
Get Ready 1992 Ocean Records (original release 1980 on Polydor)
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I Am Not Alone 2014 Son Records
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The Truth In Your Face 1994 Viva Records
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The Distance 1987 Power Discs
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? 2005 Radiant Records
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At short notice . . . Live in Germany 2006 MCM Music
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Torn 1995 Rugged Records
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Not Ashamed 1992 Star Song
Going Public 1994 Star Song
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Step Up To The Microphone 1998 Star Song
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Passafist Passafist 1994 R.E.X. Music
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Not Of This World 1983 Star Song
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Back To The Street 1986 Star Song
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Beyond Belief 1990 Dayspring
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God Fixation 1998 Word Records
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candycoatedwaterdrops 1999 Essential Records
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Satellite 2001 Atlantic Records
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Just Like Real Life (30th Anniversary Limited Edition 3 CD Set) 2014 Silver Orb Media (original release 1985 on Heartland)
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III 1992 Viva Records
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You Oughta Know By Now 1993 Dayspring/Word
Ed Raetzloff It Took A Long Time To Get To You 1980 NewPax Records
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Rage Of Angels Rage Of Angels 1989 Regency Music
Ransom Ransom 20th Anniversary Edition 2010 Intense Millenium Records (original release 1991 on Intense Records)
Soul Asylum 25th Anniversary 2017 Roxx Records (original release 1992 on Intense Records
Recon Behind Enemy Lines (25th Anniversary Edition) 2016 Roxx Records (original release 1990 on Intense Records
Red Sea Blood 1994 Rugged Records
Redeemer Double Edge Sword 2007 Watergrave Records
Regime Straight Through Your Heart 2005 Retroactive Records
The Reign Back From Euphoria 1989 Jondo Records
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1976 Demos 1976 custom
Awaiting Your Reply 1978 Star Song
Rainbow's End 1979 Star Song
Colours 1980 Light Records
Mommy Don't Love Daddy Anymore 1981 Light Records
DMZ 1982 Light Records
Bootleg 1984 Sparrow Records
Hostage 1984 Sparrow Records
Between Heaven 'N Hell 1985 Grrr Records
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Innocent Blood 1989 Grrr Records
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Reach of Love 1993 Grrr Records
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The Light Years 1995 Light Records
Ampendectomy 1997 Grrr Records
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Rob Rock Rage Of Creation 2000 Victor Entertainment
Garden Of Chaos 2007 Candlelight Records
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. . . And A Phrase Or Two 2014 Lo-Fidelity Records
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All Fall Down 1984 Exit Records
Seventy Sevens 1987 Island Records
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More Miserable Than You'll Ever Be (7&7is) 2017 Lo-Fidelity Records (original release 1990 on Alternative Records)
88 1991 Brainstorm
Pray Naked 2016 Lo-Fidelity Records (original release 1992 on Brainstorm)
Drowning With Land In Sight (2018 Remaster) 2018 Lo-Fidelity Records (original release 1994 on Myrrh)
Tom Tom Blues 1995 Brainstorm
ep 1999 Fools of the World, Ltd.
A Golden Field Of Radioactive Crows 2001 Galaxy21 Music
Ninety Nine 2007 Lo-Fidelity Records
Holy Ghost Building 2008 Fools of the World, Ltd.
Gimme A Kickstart . . . 2014 Lo-Fidelity Records 
Don't Drop Out (7&7is) 2018 Lo-Fidelity Records
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Master's Command 1989 Intense Records
Obsessions 1991 Intense Records
Classics 1993 Intense Records
Waiting In Darkness 2013 Sacred Warrior
Saint Warriors Of The Son 2004 Armor Records (original release 1984 on Rotton Records)
Time's End 2011 Retroactive Records (original release 1986 on Pure Metal)
Too Late For Living 1988 Pure Metal Records
In The Battle 2004 Armor Records
Live 05 2005 Armor Records
Crime Scene Earth 2008 Armor Records
Hell Blade 2010 Retroactive Records
The Revelation 2011 Retroactive Records
Desperate Night 2012 Armor Records
Sardonyx Majestic Serenity 1992 Lightshine Music Group
Saviour Machine Saviour Machine 1993 Intense Records
Scarlet Red Don't Dance With Danger 1989 Pure Metal Records
Scary Cats Smackaboom 1990 Round Records
Jeff Scheetz Woodpecker Stomp 1990 Pure Metal Records
Dig! 1992 Pure Metal Records
John Schlitt Shake 1995 Word Records
The Greater Cause 2012 4K Records
Connie Scott Hold On 1987 Image 7 Records
The Screamin' Rays Attack of the Screamin' Rays 1999 Metro One 
The 2nd Chapter of Acts * with footnotes 1974 Myrrh
In The Volume Of The Book 1975 Myrrh
To The Bride 1975 Myrrh
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No Burning Out 1984 Refuge Records
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Seraiah 1992 Star Song
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Remix 1981 Horizon
World of Sand 2006 Retroactive Records (original release 1983 on Rooftop)
Caught In The Act Of Loving Him 1983 Rooftop Records
Light Maneuvers 1984 Myrrh
Swimming In A Human Ocean 1985 Myrrh
Seth Seth 1974 Shalom Records
The Sheep The Sheep 1973 Myrrh Gold
Shout It Won't Be Long 1988 Frontline Records
In Your Face 1989 Intense Records
At the top of their lungs 1992 Intense Records
Shout Back 1999 Z Records
Sign Of The Times Disengage 1995 Salt Inc. Music
Siloam Sweet Destiny 1991 Image 7 Music
Dying to Live 1995 Ocean Records
Sixpence None The Richer This Beautiful Mess 1995 R.E.X. Music
Sixpence None The Richer 1996 Squint Entertainment
Sleepy Ray Under The Mighty Blood 1994 New Breed
Sleepy Ray & The Mighty Bloood Where The Highway Turns 1996 Metro One 
Smalltown Poets Smalltown Poets 1997 ForeFront Records
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I've Got A Funny Feeling About This 2002 Inpop Records
Firmer Abs In One Hour! 2004 Bob Smiley
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In Three Days 1992 Wonderland
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Brad Stine Put a Helmet On 2014 Brad Stine
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Get Me Out Of Hollywood 1999 Solid Rock Records (original release 1973 on Phonogram)
Welcome To Paradise 1976 Solid Rock Records
The Sky Is Falling 1980 Solid Rock Records
Between the Glory and the Flame 1981 Myrrh
Equator 1983 Myrrh
Celebrate This Heartbeat 1984 Myrrh
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Love Beyond Reason 1985 Myrrh/LA
The Wild Frontier 1986 Myrrh/LA
Can't Buy A Miracle 1988 Myrrh
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Our ReCollections 1996 Word
Thirst 1998 Brentwood Records
Paradise Sky 2008 Stonehillian Music
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Stryken First Strike 2006 Girder Records (original release 1987 on Chrystal Records)
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Soldiers Under Command 1985 Hollywood Records
To Hell With The Devil 1986 Hollywood Records
In God We Trust 1988 Hollywood Records
Against The Law 1990 Hollywood Records
Can't Stop The Rock: The Stryper Collection 1991 Hollywood Records
7 Weeks: Live In America, 2003 2004 Fifty Three Five Records
Reborn 2005 Big 3 Records
The Roxx Regime Demos -1983 2007 Fifty Three Five Records
Murder By Pride 2009 Big3 Records
The Covering 2011 Big3 Records
Second Coming 2013 Frontiers Records
No More Hell To Pay 2013 Frontiers Records
Live At The Whisky 2014 Frontiers Records
Fallen 2015 Frontiers Records
God Damn Evil 2018 Frontiers Records
Sure Conviction Get Ready 1995 Giant Records
Michael Sweet Michael Sweet 1994 Liberty Records
Real 1995 Benson Music Group
I'm Not Your Suicide 2014 Big3 Records
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Breakin' The Ice 2005 Christian Discs (original release 1978 on Light Records)
Hold On Tight! 2005 Christian Discs (original release 1979 on Light Records)
Hearts Of Fire 2005 Christian Discs (original release 1981 on Light Records)
Cutting Edge 2005 Christian Discs (original release 1982 on Light Records)
Perfect Timing 2005 Christian Discs (original release 1984 on Light Records)
The Waiting Is Over 2013 Shelter Sound Music
The Swirling Eddies Outdoor Elvis 1989 Alarma Records
The Berry Vest of the Swirling Eddies 1995 Alarma Records
Switchfoot The Legend Of Chin 1997 re:think
New Way To Be Human 1999 re:think
Learning To Breathe 2000 re:think
The Beautiful Letdown 2003 Columbia Records
Nothing Is Sound 2005 Sparrow Records
Oh! Gravity 2006 Columbia Records
Hello Hurricane 2009 lowercase people/Atlantic
Vice Verses 2011 lowercase people/Atlantic
Fading West 2013 Atlantic Records
Tait Empty 2001 ForeFront Records
Ken Tamplin An Axe To Grind 1999 KMG Records (original release 1990 on Intense Records)
Soul Survivor 1999 KMG Records (original release 1991 on Intense Records)
Tamplin 1993 Benson Music Group
In The Witness Box 1995 Benson Music Group
We The People 1995 Rugged Records
Wake The Nations 2003 Song Haus Music
John Michael Talbot and Terry Talbot with The London Chamber Orchestra The Painter 1980 Sparrow Records
Terry Talbot No Longer Alone 1976 Sparrow Records
A Time to Laugh, A Time to Sing 1978 Sparrow Records
The Talbot Brothers Reborn 1976 Sparrow Records (originally released as The Talbot Brothers in 1974 on Warner Bros.)
Steve Taylor I Want To Be A Clone EP 1982 Sparrow Records
Meltdown 1984 Sparrow Records
On The Fritz 1985 Sparrow Records
I Predict 1990 1987 Myrrh Records
Squint 1993 Warner Bros. Records
Liver 1995 Warner Bros. Records
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Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil Goliath 2014 Splint Entertainment
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Tempest A Coming Storm 1987 Pure Metal Records
Eye Of The Storm 1988 Pure Metal Records
Lost In The Storm 2004 Millenium 8 Records
Pat Terry Humanity Gangsters 1982 Myrrh
The Pat Terry Group The Pat Terry Group 1975 Myrrh
Songs of the South 1976 Myrrh
Third Day Third Day 1995 Reunion Records
Conspiracy No. 5 1997 Reunion Records
Time 1999 Essential Records
Offerings - A Worship Album 2000 Essential Records
Come Together 2001 Essential Records
Wire 2004 Essential Records
Wherever You Are 2005 Essential Records
Revelation 2008 Essential Records
Move 2010 Essential Records
Miracle  2012 Essential Records
Three Crosses Three Crosses 1995 Benson Music Group
Jefferson Street 1996 Benson Music Group
Skinny Flowers 1998 Benson Records
Tourniquet Intense Live Series Vol.2 1993 Intense Records
Traxter Rock 'n Race 1990 Lordz
TRB (Tony Rossi Band) TRB 1992 REX Music
Tree63 Tree63 2000 Inpop Records
The Life And Times Of Absolute Truth 2002 Inpop Records
The Answer To The Question 2004 Inpop Records
Worship Volume One: I Stand For You 2005 Inpop Records
Trytan Celestial Messenger 2000 Magdalene Records (original release 1987 R.E.X.)
Sylentiger 2002 Millenium Eight Records (original release 1990 R.E.X.)
Twenty Twenty Twenty Twenty 1985 Benson Music Group
Altered 1987 Refuge Records
U2 Boy (2008 re-master) 2008 Universal-Island Records (original release 1980 on Island Records)
October (2008 re-master) 2008 Universal-Island Records (original release 1981 on Island Records)
War (2008 re-master) 2008 Universal-Island Records (original release 1983 on Island Records)
Under A Blood Red Sky 2008 Universal-Island Records (original release 1983 on Island Records)
The Unforgettable Fire (2009 re-master) 2009 Universal-Island Records (original release 1984 on Island Records)
The Joshua Tree 1987 Island Records
Rattle & Hum 1988 Island Records
All That You Can't Leave Behind 2000 Universal-Island Records
Undercover Undercover 1982 Ministry Resource Center
God Rules 1983 A&S Records
Boys And Girls - Renounce The World! 1984 A&S Records
Branded 1986 Blue Collar
Balance Of Power 1990 Broken Records
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Forum 1994 WAL
The Union of Sinners and Saints The Union of Sinners and Saints 2016 Suite 2B Records
Various Artists An Intense History of Christian Metal 1992 Intense Records
Bringin' A New Song 1978 Myrrh Records
Browbeats Presents Wither Wing 1998 KMG Records
California Metal 1987 Regency Records
Clean Comedy Strikes Back - The Force Is With Us 2005 Comedy For All Productions
Greenbelt Live! 1979 Marshalls - MRT
Hearts, Minds & Souls Series - Modern Rock & Alternative Hits V.1 2002 Madacy Entertainment Group
Hearts, Minds & Souls Series - Rock Hits V.1 2002 Madacy Entertainment Group
Hot Metal V 1993 Intense Records
How The West Was One - Volumes One and Two 1991 Sparrow Records (original release 1977 on Myrrh Records)
In The Name Of Love: Artists United For Africa 2004 Sparrow Records
Jesus Sound Explosion 1972 Campus Crusade for Christ
Larry Howard's Cornerstone Blues Jam 1992 ForeFront Records
Maranatha! 2 2012 Calvary Chapel Music (original release 1972 on Maranatha! Music)
Maranatha 3 - Rejoice In The Lord 2012 Calvary Chapel Music (original release 1973 on Maranatha! Music)
Maranatha! Four 2012 Calvary Chapel Music (original release 1974 on Maranatha! Music)
Maranatha! 5 2012 Calvary Chapel Music (original release 1976 on Maranatha! Music)
Maranatha! Six - A Family Portrait 2012 Calvary Chapel Music (original release 1977 on Maranatha! Music)
Maranatha Seven 2012 Calvary Chapel Music (original release 1980 on Maranatha! Music)
Metal Praise 1992 Word Inc.
Never Say Dinosaur 1996 Star Song
One Way - The Songs of Larry Norman 1995 ForeFront Records
Raw - A Brainstorm Compendium 1994 Brainstorm/Diamante
Rock Around The World 1984 Refuge Records
Rock On Christian Loud 2002 Madacy Entertainment Group
Rock Power Praise Vol. 1 - The Hymns 1990 Pakaderm Records
The Blues Night 1994 ForeFront Records
The Everlastin' Living Jesus Music Concert 1971 Maranatha! Music
The Rock Revival - Music of the Jesus Movement (Volumes 1-3) 1991 Sonrise Music Co.
Jeni Varnadeau Colors Of Truth 1996 Pamplin Music
No Hesitation 1998 Pamplin Music
Tracing His Hand 2000 Organic Records
Vector Time Flies 1995 Liquid Disc Records (collection of three albums Mannequin Virtue 1983 on Exit, Please Stand By 1985 on Exit, and Simple Experience 1989 on Spark Music)
Veil of Ashes Pain 1989 Graceland Records
Vision Mountain In The Sky (Collector's Edition) 2010 Born Twice Records (original released with the title "Vision" in 1984 on Dunamis)
Vision (25th Anniversary Edition) 2010 Born Twice Records (original release 1985 on Heartland Records)
Streetfighter 2011 Born Twice Records (recorded in 1986 but never officially released)
Greg X. Volz The River Is Rising 1986 Myrrh
Come Out Fighting 1988 Myrrh
No Room In The Middle 1989 River Records
Xavier (Greg X Volz) Xavier 1982 Jonathan Fitzwilliam
The W's Fourth From The Last 1998 SaraBellum Records
Sheila Walsh War Of Love 1983 Sparrow Records
Portrait 1987 Sparrow Records
Matthew Ward Toward Eternity 1979 Sparrow Records
Armed and Dangerous 1986 Live Oak Records
Point Of View 1992 Benson Music Group
Warrior The Battle Has Started 2004 Tad Donley
Watashi Wa The Love Of Life 2003 Tooth & Nail Records
Watchmen Generation 1989 Regency Music
The Way The Way  1973 Maranatha Music
Can It Be? 1974 Maranatha Music
Weber and the Buzztones Weber and the Buzztones 1984 Low Budget Webtone Records
Scott Wenzel Heart Like Thunder 1993 WAL
White Heart White Heart 1982 Myrrh
Vital Signs 1984 Myrrh
Hotline 1985 Home Sweet Home Records
Don't Wait For The Movie 1986 Sparrow Records
Freedom 1989 Sparrow Records
Powerhouse 1990 Star Song
Highlands 1993 Star Song
Nothing But The Best:  Rock Classics 1994 Star Song
Inside  1995 Curb Records
Whitecross Whitecross 1988 Star Song (original release 1987 on Pure Metal)
Hammer & Nail 1988 Star Song
Triumphant Return 1989 Pure Metal Records
In The Kingdom 1991 Star Song
High Gear 1992 Star Song
Unveiled 1994 R.E.X. Music
Flytrap 1996 R.E.X. Music
Nineteen Eighty Seven 2005 Girder Records
Wilson McKinley Now I'm A Jesus Freak! (Disk 1) 2009 The Wilson McKinley (Spirit of Elijah 1971 and Heaven's Gonna Be a Blast 1972 on Voice of Elijah)
Now I'm A Jesus Freak! (Disk 2) 2009 The Wilson McKinley (live recording from "I AM" Coffeehouse 1971-72, Greg Beumer's Project 1976, Randy Wilcox solos recording 2000, Mike Messer solo recordings 2000 and 2008)
Amy Wolter Hit Me In The Heart 1994 WAL
X-Sinner Get It 1989 Pakaderm Records
Peace Treaty 1991 Pakaderm Records
Loud & Proud 2001 Magdalene Records
Fire It Up 2006 Retroactive Records
World Covered in Blood 2008 Image Records
X-Sinner/The Angry Einsteins Cracked 2003 Retroactive Records
Xalt Under The Ruins 1990 Pure Metal Records
History 1991 Pure Metal Records
Helium Blue Gazebo 1997 Kalubone Records
XT XT 1992 Frontline Records
Taxfree 1993 Viva Records
Extended Empire 1995 Viva Records
John Ylvisaker Cool Livin' 1967 Avant Garde
A Love Song 1968 Avant Garde
David Zaffiro The Other Side 1989 Alarma Records
In Scarlet Storm 1990 Intense Records
Yesterday's Left Behind 1994 Frontline Records
Zilch Platinum 1997 Gotee Records
Zion Thunder From The Mountain 1989 Image Records
Thrillseeker 2007 Retroactive Records